Providers (employers) will each have their own recruitment process but value based recruitment has become increasingly popular across the social care sector over the last few years. With staff always in demand it is a great way to establish if someone’s values and work ethic are the right fit for the role instead of looking at experience and qualifications.

Values based recruitment is about finding and keeping people who have the right attitude to work in Care and can demonstrate their ability to care, be kind and have compassion. While certificates and experience are a bonus, when it comes to recruiting, having life skills and the right values can be just as important.

Values based interviews use questions to ask for examples from candidates. This gives the candidates the chance to explain their experience, what they did in the situation, and the outcome. By using value based questions even if the candidate does not have a background in care they can use other examples to show how they incorporate values in their day to day life. You may be asked to evidence a scenario question for example:

Question: Can you tell us a time when you listened carefully to someone?

A value-based interview will be designed to see how your express your values through your actions and answers so you may be asked:

  • What you did
  • How you did it
  • Why you did it
  • What impact it had on you and other
  • What you learnt about yourself